Chaos Thug

A little over a year later, and the next miniature is finished -- a mid-80s Citadel chaos thug.

Not the best sculpt, but redolent of the era. Not sure who to attribute it to; possibly Bob Naismith.

My painting is still very rough, but slowly getting used to the Army Painter range of paints, so at least this piece feels a little more coherent than did the Amazon.

Chaos Thug

80s Amazon

Talisman Amazon

Returning to figure painting after a hiatus of some eight years, I tried my hand at an old (c. 1986) Citadel Talisman miniature by Ali Morrison, as it happened to be the only bare lead to hand. 

Although not one of the best examples from the Talisman range, it nevertheless has some of the distinctive style and character that defined Ali's work in the 1980s. 

Working with a limited supply of aging, half-dry paints and the smaller Golden Age scale of the miniature didn't help but, excuses aside, it turns out I'm rustier than expected -- will just keep telling myself the rough paint job lends the piece a certain Oldhammer charm.